Posted on Jun 11, 2018 in Journal | No Comments

Wow! I just clicked on my blog for the first time in a while to discover I haven’t posted anything¬†for TWO YEARS! That’s mad! I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.

Let’s do an update then – work wise things are going great, I am currently working on a couple of projects that are under non disclosure agreements which I am hoping to be able to share ver soon. Both are for new clients although I’m happy to be working alongside some old colleagues from a previous job once again. That’s one thing I really enjoy about the freelance life – the variety of people you get to work with and the fact that when a project ends, you usually get a chance to work with those people again somewhere down the line.

Away from work my 2 1/2 year old daughter has been taking up a lot of my time – she’s probably the main contributing factor as to why this blog¬†has remained untouched for so long. I won’t bore you with how much fun it’s been being a Dad but being able to be flexible with my work has been a huge bonus. Speaking of which, it’s time to go and pick her up from nursery! Until next time….