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Client – Zoe Mode & Freestyle Games   /   Role – Technical UI Artist

Freestyle Games have reinvigorated the Guitar Hero franchise and I was lucky enough to play a part in it. In late 2014 I was invited by Zoe Mode to join the User Interface team that had been assembled to assist Freestyle Games in the creation of the UI for Guitar Hero Live.

As Technical UI Artist  I was responsible for taking concepts from the UI team and building them from scratch in Flash, ready to be hooked up in game by AS3 and C++ coders. This involved building various interface assets such as scrolling leaderboards, buttons and text areas whilst following strict layout guidelines at all times.

In addition to my work with the user interface, I was also responsible for the illustration and design of a number of ‘playercards’. These cards are available for the player to win or purchase with in-game currency to be used as their avatar. I was given free reign to come up with a variety of cards with different styles and themes.

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