Pod Bible

Posted on Nov 23, 2020 in Journal | No Comments

Does anyone visit my site anymore? Who knows! But for those that do, I thought I should probably explain the lack of new work…

For the past two years I’ve been working on Pod Bible, the UK’s only magazine dedicated to podcasts. Myself, Stu Whiffen and Scroobius Pip set up the magazine after spotting a gap in the market and the business has gone from strength to strength since the first magazine launchd in February 2019. We now have a deal with The Sunday Times to distribute 45000 magazines across thew country, a weekly podcast and a website featuring loads of bonus podcast content.

Initially my role was to work on the brand and to layout the magazine but I’m now involved in all aspects of the business and am one of the directors alongside Stu and Pip. It’s been a wild ride and we’re so excited for the future.

Design wise I still take on the occasional freelance project but Pod Bible is my main day to day. This means I don’t have the time to take on large projects but if you have something small to medium, please feel free to get in touch to discuss!