I have my own website!

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 in Journal | No Comments


Hooray for me! I’ve got all my work together in one place at last!

It’s taken a while to collate everything but I must say I am really proud of the portfolio I’ve created and can’t wait to add to it. If you’d shown me this site a few years back I probably would have passed out. Not only because you’d gone into the future and brought back a load of my yet-to-be-created design work, but also because back then I had no idea I was going to be a designer myself.

You see in my last job I used to help designers and other creatives find work. I’d hook them up with freelance or permanent work within a variety of London agencies. I got to meet designers every day and would be inspired by their portfolios and the careers they’d made for themselves, particularly those who had built their own business by going freelance. In the end the jealousy became too much and I decided it was time to take the plunge. Personal projects and the odd paid piece of work just wasn’t enough anymore, it was time to become a full time designer.

Fast forward and here I am. After securing a role at Mind Orchard (a top digital agency in Brighton) I was able to work my way up from being an over keen Junior to working as Lead Designer on a number of really exciting projects with well known clients. I’ve cut my teeth and now I am ready to keep on growing and developing as a designer.

Don’t panic – I’m not going to use this blog as a personal diary. I don’t want to bore anyone with posts on how I feel I have developed as a person and all that guff. Primarily I want to use this as a place to update you on any big projects I’m working on (that I’m allowed to talk about!), to share resources or tips that I think might be useful to fellow designers and to comment on industry news both locally and further a field. Let’s see how good I am at keeping it up to date 🙂

So yeah, there we go. Thank you for visiting my new online home, I hope you had fun. Please come back soon!