Everton’s New Crest & The Importance Of Consultation

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It may not be a regular topic of conversation on the terraces but I’ve always had a keen interest in design within football. As a kid at school I used to spend hours designing football kits in the back of my exercise books with my trusty four colour biro. I even went to the trouble […]

Inspiration – Indie Game: The Movie

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As a Designer who has been working in games for a while now I am always looking at ways to expand my knowledge base. Initially I believed the best way to do this was to play as many games as possible.  Whether it be the latest XBox or Playstation blockbuster or a 69p app on […]

I have my own website!

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Hooray for me! I’ve got all my work together in one place at last! It’s taken a while to collate everything but I must say I am really proud of the portfolio I’ve created and can’t wait to add to it. If you’d shown me this site a few years back I probably would have passed out. Not […]